McClain: Texans Foster Should Play in Week 1


For those of you who drafted Houston Texans RB Arian Foster the People (FTP) high in the first round and are worried that he won’t be running in his pumped up kicks for the first week or so, we have some sort of good news. While none of this is definitive, it is good to hear a high-quality source close to the team who thinks he’ll be okay.

Specifically, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle thinks that FTP will play Week 1 despite his balky hamstring.

McClain, unlike FTP, is fine admitting that most of the concern is regarding fantasy football. And he says, go ahead and draft him without concern.

“[H]e’ll be ready for the Colts,” McClain writes. “No one knows for sure about it being an issue this season, but fantasy football owners should take him and not look back.”

Again, no one knows for sure, but there isn’t a more trusted name in Houston Texans information out there.

SIDE NOTE: Memo to Chris Berman. This is how it’s done with nicknames. I took a current, relevant band and tied it to an NFL player. None of this James Mungro Jerry crap that most of your audience isn’t familiar with. Keep it up to date somewhat.


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