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Mayweather’s Potential Schedule: Ortiz, Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan

After more than a year of juggling an assortment of legal and personal problems, Floyd Mayweather Jr. seems to have finally found a little time for the thing he once did better than anyone else: boxing.

Aside from Mayweather’s scheduled September bout versus Victor Ortiz, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer also believes that matches against the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan may lay on the horizon for his undefeated superstar. Speaking with reporters, Schafer indicated this may turn out to be a very hectic few months for Mayweather, arguably the most polarizing athlete in the sport.

“We believe in Amir and believe he is ready. These are big plans but Team Khan are on board,” he said.

“I've had conversations with Mayweather and his adviser Al Haymon and they are definitely open to a fight with Amir Khan, absolutely.”

Although the proposed match against Khan would no doubt be a fascinating showdown, everyone knows that it isn’t the most desired fight by fans and media alike – Schaefer included.

“Floyd has indicated he would like to do the Pacquiao fight,” said Schaefer.

“He said to me he'd be open to fighting Pacquiao next if the testing issue can be sorted out. Amir would then fight in the autumn against Mayweather. I spent the last week with Mayweather and he said he wants to fight more than once per year. Whether he delivers on that promise, I don't know, but I really believe he does want to fight several times a year.”

Although Mayweather’s sudden hunger to fight everyone worth fighting is music to the ears of his fans, this tentatively planned schedule will be a difficult one to follow through on. Essentially, he wants to face Ortiz in September, then Pacquiao at some point in 2012, and finally, Khan to round out next year.

Yikes. In today's boxing world, that's a jam-packed agenda.

But if Mayweather can pull this schedule off and win all three fights, his status as one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of gloves would be set in stone. However, considering even Schaefer appears to be unsure of whether or not Mayweather can beat Ortiz, it’s difficult to read too much into this proposed timeline.

Keep in mind, a Mayweather loss against Ortiz could effectively kill his shot at Pacquiao. And with a loss against Ortiz and no Pacquiao superfight, the Khan fight begins to lose value as well.

Hopefully Mayweather got some rest during his latest sabbatical from the sport, because this is going to be a frantic year for him and his legacy.

Can he overcome arguably the three biggest obstacles he has ever come across over the course of his storied career in successive, un-interrupted fashion? Absolutely. Will he? That remains to be seen.


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