Mayweather’s Assault Accuser: History of Filing False Reports


Reports surfaced early Thursday morning that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was being sought by Las Vegas Police after the mother of his three children, Josie Harris, claimed he had abused her.

Harris, apparently, summoned multiple cop cars at approximately 5 a.m. to a southwest Las Vegas home and told the responding officers the boxer had attacked her. She was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital before being released.

According to SportsbyBrooks, Harris has a history of filing false domestic assault reports. In 2003, she filed a similar report to the same Las Vegas Police against Mayweather, which ultimately led to him being tried on felony domestic abuse charges.

As that trial progressed, Harris told jurors she had filed a false report because she was angry that Mayweather left her for another woman. Mayweather was acquitted one day later.

Other points of interest from that case were Harris admitting that she was the one who initiated the argument with Mayweather, and that she kicked in his windshield, imagining it was his new girlfriend’s face.

“I was pulling on him, punching him, telling him he shouldn’t have left me, that he shouldn’t have left our three babies,” Harris said.

When she was asked why she would pick a fight with a professional boxer, Harris replied that she knew Mayweather would never harm her.

Mayweather's camp has not issued a statement on the matter yet.


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