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Mayweather Prefers Hiatus to Wasting Time on Manny Pacquiao?

It appears as though Manny Pacquiao may have finally gotten his wish. His biggest threat, Floyd Mayweather Jr., seems to have gotten tired of a boxing world he has long since outgrown.

In a short interview conducted between Zab Judah and On the Ropes Radio, Judah said that Mayweather recently told him that he may be done with the sport.

“I had seen Floyd yesterday and asked, ‘Are you going to get back in there?’ Mayweather told me he’s finished. He said he was just going to chill. He’s thinking about taking a two year break and I mean listen -- The man worked hard for a long time.”

While the decision by the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world would be an unfortunate one for boxing fans, it would certainly be understandable. Mayweather is currently battling a number of legal issues that carry with them the possibility of serious jail time. On top of that, there is simply nobody left in boxing – aside from Pacquiao – who really poses even a mild threat to him.

And, of course, Pacquiao is too busy cherry-picking weaklings and old men to actually accept Mayweather as an opponent. After all, why agree to a fair and stringent PED testing regiment against a capable fighter when you can collect big paydays fighting chumps, right?

While Mayweather may be content at calling this a “break,” a two-year absence from boxing is likely the end of his career. Even though he’s still clearly the best boxer in the world right now, Mayweather’s speed and power will no doubt soon began to deteriorate as a result of his advancing age.

The real loser in all this, though, is Pacquiao. Some of the true boxing afficienadoes held out hope that when the paper champ got tired of fighting has-beens and known cheats, he would finally man up and step into the ring against the one guy all of Top Rank knows can beat him. If Mayweather retires, however, any shot the Filipino pop star has at actually proving himself worthy of the praise constantly thrown at him automatically goes out the window.



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