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Mayweather: Manny Pacquiao Would Lose to Timothy Bradley Again

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going to have his pick of opponents come 2014. If he wants to fight Manny Pacquiao, then that will happen. Same goes for if he decides he wants to square off against Timothy Bradley, Amir Khan or anyone else of that ilk.

Unfortunately, there can only be one. And while it’s still too early to say so definitively, it doesn’t appear as though Mayweather has any interest in fighting Pacquiao or Timothy Bradley next.

What does that mean? Well, it means that if Pacquiao gets past Brandon Rios this November, more likely than not, he’ll meet Bradley for a rematch of their unspectacular 2012 showdown. Although Top Rank boss Bob Arum has made it abundantly clear that the fight doesn’t really speak to him the way say, Bradley vs. Rios or Pacquiao vs. Marquez V would, he doesn’t have all that many options.

Which brings us to the obvious question: If Pacquiao and Bradley meet again, who walks away victorious? On one hand, Paquiao soundly beat Bradley in their first match – only to have victory snatched from him by a pair of incompetent judges. On the other hand, Bradley has looked extremely impressive in his last two fights, whereas Pacquiao’s most recent highlight involves him laying face first on the ground.

During a recent interview Chris Robinson, Roger Mayweather offered his two cents on who would win in the event of a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch:

Obviously Mayweather isn’t exactly an impartial observer, but he does make some valid points. Then again, he also argued that his nephew could knock Bradley out, which sort of discredits everything he said before and after, too. 


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