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Mayweather: Manny Pacquiao Takes American Money to Philippines

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has tried a number of different approaches to win support from boxing fans who largely want to have nothing to do with him.

He’s attempted to play up the American angle, noting that American fans should root for him over Pacquiao because of some national civic duty. When that didn’t work, he pointed out that fans should root for him because he’s so successful at bringing in the masses and securing big pay days without a marketing machine behind him.

These days, he’s meshing those two strategies together.

During a recent interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Pacquiao took to the airwaves to criticize Pacquiao and all of his other so-called enemies in a barrage of insults, insinuations and allegations.

The most interesting comments of the day came when he went a tirade about how folks shouldn’t root for Pacquiao because the one-time eight-division champion makes money in America, only to take it to the Philippines. That instead of spending the wealth in the U.S. -- as Mayweather particularly likes to do in casinos -- the Filipino icon grabs his earnings and runs home.

A valid concern, obviously – if it were true.

Unfortunately, Mayweather didn’t bother to actually back up his claims with any sort of facts. He didn’t point out that it’s virtually impossible for Pacquiao to not spend any money in the U.S. given all of the time he spends here. He didn’t point out how actively involved Pacquiao is the American political system. And, of course, he didn’t bother alluding to Pacquiao’s numerous advertisement deals in America for American products.

To Mayweather, that information isn’t especially important.

DJ Whoo Kid, for his part, also pressed Mayweather on whether or not he’ll be tuning in to Pacquiao’s November 12 bout versus Juan Manuel Marquez.

"I'm not really concerned with him, a guy got somethin' to hide, you know what I'm saying I do what I do, he do what he do. I beat fighters when they're undefeated, when they're at the top, and he beat my leftovers, he fights my leftovers. We say be the best, take the test, that's the only thing we're saying, be the best take the test."

So, for those keeping track at home – Mayweather still believes that Pacquiao is doping, and he’s firmly against Americans supporting Pacquiao because the Filipino champion allegedly takes his money earned overseas and doesn’t support the U.S. economy.

Is it just me or are Mayweather’s interviews getting to be far more interesting than his actual fights?


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