Mayweather-Cotto 24/7 Episode One Recap


Over the weekend HBO aired the first episode of 24/7 for the upcoming May 5thPPV fight between all-time great Floyd “Money” Mayweather (42-0 with 26 KOs) and future Hall of Famer/WBA Junior Welterweight Champion Miguel Cotto (37-2 with 30 KOs).

From the get go it is abundantly clear that just in the case of the 24/7 series for the Mayweather/Mosley fight, the onus will be on Floyd and his team to deliver the vast majority of the entertainment value. Cotto, like Mosley is an introverted individual who is equally dull as he is classy. There is nothing wrong with being quiet and classy, but unfortunately when it comes to providing the fans with excitement, anticipation and subsequent water cooler talk, it pales in comparison to what being boisterous and ignorant accomplishes.

Kudos to the person(s) who composed the music for these 24/7s ---it’s fantastic! The first episode started off with Floyd talking to the main producer of 24/7 and being asked by her what he would do if he were the producer of the series. It came as no surprise that Floyd stated that he would only allot ten minutes to Cotto and the rest of the time to himself and “The Money Team”.

Talking into the camera, Floyd tells the boxing fans watching that if there is a 24/7 that does not involve him to turn it off because it’s not worth watching. It’s hard to argue with him in that regard. The ones involving him are tremendously more entertaining than the ones that don’t. There’s no question that not only is Floyd the bigger star in regards to PPV revenue generation but he is by far the star of the promotion. This is largely due to the same reasons why he is the bigger PPV star: his outrageous, polarizing personality.

In this episode, footage was shown of the first two fights between Cotto and Margarito. One interesting note is that both Cotto and Margarito were sans tattoos during their first fight, and both elected to hit the tattoo parlor after suffering major defeats (Cotto’s first loss as a pro to Margarito and Margarito’s beat down at the hands of Manny Pacquiao).  I guess getting your ass kicked in a boxing ring induces a craving for ink.

Cotto, his wife and his trainer Pedro Diaz spoke about how much it meant to Miguel to be able to avenge the defeat to Margarito and how it helped him to “enjoy the rest of his life”. Footage of Cotto training on sand in Cocoa Beach, Florida doing various exercises such as climbing a rope, hitting a tire with an aluminum bat and doing pushups utilizing the perfect pushup (or a knockoff version) were shown.

His trainer spoke briefly about what Cotto brings to the fight. Miguel was also shown spending time with his family in Orlando. Yawn. Getting back to the Mayweather camp, the usual cast of characters made an appearance. Longtime Mayweather advisor and sycophant Leonard Ellerbe spoke about Mayweather’s plea deal that will send him to jail for a maximum sentence of 90 days. Ellerbe stated that Floyd elected to plea in order to “protect his family”. Ironically it appears that the only person his family needs protection from is Floyd himself. 

Fifty Cent who has become a staple on 24/7s involving Mayweather, was featured speaking about the effects that incarceration might have on Floyd and how it will be interesting to see if Floyd’s outlook on life changes subsequent to serving time. Floyd himself doesn’t seem too concerned about serving the time beginning June 1stand stated that he doesn’t even think about it. I find that hard to believe. Normally, the more a person talks about not caring about something, the more obvious it is that they care a great deal.

Footage of Mayweather’s last fight against Victor Ortiz including the blatant head butt by Ortiz and the subsequent two punch knockout that followed while Ortiz was attempting to hug Mayweather for the umpteenth time was shown. Also shown was the instant classic exchange between legendary 80 year old HBO boxing analyst Larry Merchant and Mayweather in which Merchant after being told by Floyd that he “wasn’t shit” and that “HBO should fire your ass” retorted “If I were 50 years younger I would kick your ass!”

In this episode we learned another moniker that Floyd has incorporated into his lexicon: The Doghouse. Floyd refers to the ring in his gym when he trains as being “the doghouse”. One new boxer at the gym is shown and Floyd implores his team to “put the motherfu*ker in the doghouse!” Mayweather was asked briefly about the weight that the fight will be contested at (154 lbs) which is a weight he only fought at once (when he defeated Oscar De La Hoya for the WBC Junior Middleweight title back in 2007). Floyd stated...

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