Mayweather Allows Manny Pacquiao’s Camp to Make Fools of Themselves

For once in his life, Floyd Mayweather Jr. decided to shut his big mouth. His timing could not have been more perfect.

To be fair, maybe Bob Arum isn’t a direct reflection of Pacquiao’s entire camp. However, with the way that the guy cheerleads for his boy, you would think the pom poms and big “I heart Pacquiao” sign that Arum wears around his neck were provided by the Filipino sensation.

In a pathetic attempt to garner even more good press for Pacquiao, and more bad press for Mayweather, Arum set up an ill-advised deadline for Mayweather to agree to fight his guy. Nobody, not fans, not analysts, nobody, took this deadline seriously. Particularly, considering that Mayweather and his people have said on multiple occasions that they do not wish to fight this year. Again, this is a matter of public record. Mayweather’s camp has said that they do not wish to fight this year.

On Friday night, Arum called a telephone press conference to tell reporters what everyone already knew, that Mayweather had not agreed to the deadline in time.

So the fight’s off the table, right? When Arum says something, he means it, right?

Not exactly.

During the phone interview, Arum said that until another fight was set for his boy, that Mayweather could still accept the terms.

So basically, there was no deadline.

Pacquiao has spent his entire career letting his fighting do the talking for him, but Arum doesn’t seem to understand the value in that. Rather, he chooses to continue to beat a dead horse when Mayweather and his reps have already made it explicitly clear with their numerous “no comments,” that they do not want to publicly discuss the fight any further.

For an intelligent man, Arum sure does have a short memory. He quickly forgot that the reason that talks between the two camps have consistently broken down is because of the public bickering in the media that both sides have done during negotiations.  Here are some other memory lapses that the promoter seems to be having:

-          The way that his boy, Pacquiao, refused to take the random blood tests 14 days prior to the fight and balked and Mayweather’s public demands.

-          That there were accusations of slander because of Mayweather’s public comments.

-          Then, later, how Pacquiao mysteriously warmed up to Mayweather’s original requests when he had already pulled them off the table and made it publicly known.  

After all, when Mayweather made short work of Shane Mosley (who had no problem agreeing to drug tests, mind you) this past year and the parties re-engaged in talks, was the agreement not that they would refrain from negotiating through the press?

Glad to know Arum kept up that end of the bargain.

To be fair, “big mouth” syndrome seems to have spread all throughout Pacquiao’s camp. Rumors of Pacquiao agreeing to random drug tests and a 50-50 split mysteriously leaked to the media. Freddie Roach, Pacquiao’s trainer has commented on Pacquiao agreeing to take any drug test Mayweather wants on numerous occasions.

But you know, at least they’re staying true to their deal to not speak through the press.

All along, though, you haven’t heard a peep from Mayweather’s people. When they agreed to not speak through the press, they meant it.

The man who has made a career of antagonizing his opponents through the media has clammed up. He’s decided to let the Pacquiao camp make fools of themselves, while he sits back and watches. He knows that no matter how much Arum and his group puff their chests, they will never get the once-in-a-lifetime payoff that they will get if this dream fight happens.

So keep talking, Mr. Arum, you’re playing right into Mayweather’s hands. Let’s see how hard you decide to stick to that deadline of yours when Mayweather comes calling for a fight in 2011.


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