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NBA: OJ Mayo, Tony Allen Fight over Card Game

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Grizzlies guards O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen got into an altercation following a heated game of cards.

On the charter flight following their 110-105 defeat of the Thunder, the fight was apparently over a debt that Mayo owed Allen. While it hasn’t been confirmed, the game was believed to be a high stakes game of “Go Fish.” Rumors are rampant that it was, in fact, a game of “UNO,” but don’t believe everything you read.

Several players eventually had to separate the teammates. Grizzlies general Manager Chris Wallace has grounded both players from playing cards and released a statement. He said: “The club considers the matter closed and will not comment further.”

In other news, the Grizzlies have been playing games since 1995, but no word on whether the fans will try to recoup the “debt” owed to them by the players.


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