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Maybe Kell Brook Can Beat Manny Pacquiao

First and foremost: Manny Pacquiao can be beaten.

Roaming the Web and checking out blogs, you would think the Filipino superstar is made out of steel and could change the course of asteroids heading for earth. That he could leap large buildings in a single bound and is the defender of truth and justice for all of Metropolis. And, of course, that he could feed the hungry, restore sight to the blind and make the deaf hear again with the snap of his fingers.

The truth is, though, that if Pacquiao hadn’t been so set on fighting cheaters, has-beens and nobodies as of late, he probably would have already gotten defeated.

We won’t rehash the way he ducked Shane Mosley when the veteran boxer was in his prime. Nor will we delve into the way he has conveniently avoided a real opponent in Juan Manual Marquez -- instead choosing to fight Grandpa Mosley way after the fight would have any meaning.

Heck, let’s not even touch the way Pacquiao stalled and played PR games with Floyd Mayweather Jr. until the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world got tired of his tricks.

None of that matters.

Instead, turn your attention to a young boxer confident enough to call out Pacquiao early in his sure-to-be-great career: Kell Brook.

The charismatic and boisterous welterweight champion out of Britain made it known recently that not only is he not intimidated by Pacquiao, but he wants to prove it in the ring.

"Everyone knows what a great fighter Pacquiao is," he says. "He's a machine. But he's been beaten before and he can be beaten again, and I've got the style to do it. The Wincobank style."

Yup, the Wincobank style.

For those sitting at home scratching their heads wondering what exactly Brook is yammering about – Wincobank is the area of downtown Sheffield home to a workshop run by Brendan Ingle. Talents from Ingle’s school include Herol Graham, Johnny Nelson, Ryan Rhodes and Junior Witter.

All participants emerge from the workshop having learned the “Ingle tingle,” a low-slung hands, unique counter-punching and footwork way of fighting that’s based on the idea of attacking and retreating before being hit.

It’s been said that Brook has issued a “multi-million-dollar” challenge to fight Amir Khan, but Khan seems to think too highly of himself to accept. Of course, if what Brook says is true, and he did regularly beat up Khan when the two sparred together as youngsters, one could see why Khan would want to avoid potential embarrassment.

And don’t forget, Khan supposedly got the best of Pacquiao in some of the pre-Margarito workouts.

The undefeated Brook has won all of his matches thus far, and has certainly earned the right to be in the conversation for a potential bout with Pacquiao.

However, given the Filipino superstar’s recent knack for avoiding real fighters for a chance to beat up people way below his league, folks shouldn’t hold their breath in anticipation of this one. There is a long line of boxers starting with Andre Berto and ending with Marquez ready to go when the paper champ decides that former cheats and old men are getting a bit stale.

For now, we can sit back and imagine what if Pacquiao opted to go for a real contender after Mosley. He likely wouldn’t choose Marquez or Berto because both men pose to big of a threat to him. Young Brook, though, he’s just wet enough the ears behind for Pacquiao to pick on.

And if Pacquiao turns over that stone, maybe, just maybe, Brook will have a little surprise waiting for him.


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