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Maximum Fighting Championship 29 Recap and Analysis

If you failed to tune into MFC 29 on HDNet Friday night you missed some solid fights, some interesting action and one out-and-out snooze-fest. All in all, MFC stepped up their locale, debuted a cage and nearly lost their audience during a twenty-five minute odyssey into boredom in their co-main event.

MFC 29 shined up their belts, built their new ring and played a larger arena as they were live from the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor in Windsor, Ontario.   The event was broadcast on HDNet.

MFC Welterweight Champion Douglas Lima is beginning to look the part of a major MMA prospect.  He took just over a minute to dispose of former UFC regular Terry Martin by TKO.  Lima came out and used some leg kicks and an excellent jab to find his range and then drilled Martin with a right hand that froze Terry Martin in a prone position that saw him eat a few follow-up shots before the fight was waived off.

Lima, the 23-year-old champion looks ready for the big time, and Terry Martin will be back to the drawing board as he’s looked pretty ordinary in recent fights.

Ryan Jimmo is now riding a fifteen fight win streak, one of the longest in the sport, but when I saw his post-fight robot dance was the most exciting aspect of his time spent in the cage Friday night, it is not an exaggeration.  There’s an old expression where a fighter can win ugly, well, Ryan Jimmo won uglier than anyone I’ve ever seen when he and Zak Cummings went 25 uninspired minutes to a hostile crowd.  Jimmo has now gone the distance in six of eight fights and is beginning to get a reputation as a boring fighter.

People began to file out after the Jimmo fight and the announcer had to remind everyone that the main event was still to come, some still chose to leave.  The Jimmo fight was that bad.

Marcus Davis made his highly anticipated MFC debut against Curtis Demarce who replaced an injured Kajon Johnson.  Davis hit Demarce with some amazing knees during the fight, but Demarce didn’t go anywhere and countered with some ground and pound, opening multiple cuts on Davis.  The fight went back and forth, with Marcus Davis doing enough to earn the split decision victory over the very game and durable Curtis Demarce.

For Marcus it was a successful debut, but he didn’t shine or exhibit the skills that made him a UFC mainstay for fifteen fights.  In the loss, Curtis Demarce improved his standing in the sport and gained a lot of new fans.

Another former UFC fighter making his MFC debut was Hermes Franca taking on Robert Washington.  Hermes was constantly looking to strike, and when Washington wasn’t as eager, Hermes would put his arms out continuously asking his opponent to come on.  Well, despite him wanting to push the action standing, he wasn’t able to do a whole bunch and at the end of the first, he spent time with his arms behind his back taunting Washington who had just won the first round on Frank Trigg’s card.

As the second round started, the fighters circled and then Hermes lunged at Washington clipping him with a right hand that dropped him. Hermes landed a couple more right hands, flattening Washington and stopping the action, giving Hermes Franca the TKO victory.  It was a solid debut for Hermes Franca and it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.

Pete Spratt and Demi Deeds flipped the script Friday night as Pete submitted Deeds by armbar to end the fight in the second round.  Spratt used superior striking in the second round, hurting Deeds along the fence with shots to the head, and body, before the fight hit the mat.  Pete Spratt landed a couple quick shots and then immediately found the armbar, ending the fight in the last-minute of the second round.  It’s a huge win for Spratt, who at age 40 shows you can teach an old dog new tricks.  He’s always been a favorite because of his standup game; it’s good to see him get a submission victory in this one.

Middleweights Andreas Spang and Ali Mokdad start out the event and it didn’t take long for Ali Mokdad to take the fight down and secure the rear naked choke at just 1:35 of round number 1.

All in all it was a fun night of action, sans the Ryan Jimmo/Zak Cummings fight.  For Jimmo, it was another decision, another head-butt and another less than extraordinary performance.  He’d better step it up in his next defense or fans will begin to lose interest in the 15-1 champion.

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