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Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan Not One of the NFL's Top 100 Players?

The NFL Network has been airing the Top 100 Players of 2012 show over the last month. Each time a new show is on, immediately the players are outspoken and most of the time shocked to see that their peers ranked them so low.

In Atlanta’s case one player may be surprised to find out that his fellow players don’t believe he is a worthy enough to be in the top 100. The other Falcons players that were elected into this group were Michael Turner, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez. Roddy White spoke out a few weeks ago on twitter and on the NFL Network that he wasn’t being paid his due.

Matt Ryan not being considered to be on this list offends me as a fan. He broke records last season and to not be named on the list is a low blow to the team. Tim Tebow is on this list for crying out loud, and while he is on the sideline this year, I guess he can help the Jets by turning water into wine…

This further drives the point home that nationally, the Falcons are not well respected. If you disrespect the leader of the franchise, then you disrespect the team. Matt Ryan will never be respected in media or nationally until he gets a win in the playoffs. This is an odd truth, I believe he is a much better quarterback than Joe Flacco, but Joe is on the better team.  The better “team” allows these quarterbacks to be successful, and playing with one of the best defenses in recent memory doesn’t hurt either.

Overall, this gut check was the only thing of note this week. I’m disappointed that the players voted this way, but maybe this will light a fire under Matty Ice. Until next week Falcons fans, you can message me on twitter @ColossalChicken.

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