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Matt Kemp Gets Ejected from Dodgers vs. Pirates Game for Dumb Reason, Bumps Umpire (Video)

Matt Kemp was ejected from Thursday afternoon’s Los Angeles Dodgers versus Pittsburgh Pirates game for the dumbest, more hilariously nonsensical reason ever. What got him booted, you ask? Yelling stuff from the bench. No, I’m not leaving out any details – that was the extent of his crime.

After being warned to stay quiet, Kemp yelled something from the bench anyway. That’s when Angel Campos lost his mind and threw L.A.’s biggest star out of the game. Understandably, Kemp wasn’t pleased with what happened – and he wasn’t shy about expressing his emotions.

Check it out:

People should keep their emotions in check, officials need to be respected, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line: this was an absolutely moronic reason to eject Kemp – plain and simple. Unless he was shooting testosterone into somebody’s butt, dismissing him from the outing is completely unacceptable.

Hopefully the MLB will step in and makes this right.

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