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Matt Hughes on PEDs: "I've Never Taken Anything"

Some fighters say the older one becomes, the more they need TRT due to testosterone levels that are off balance due to training. At 39-years-old, Matt Hughes (45-9) doesn't agree with the use of TRT or any PEDs.

"I think everybody ought to step in there the way they are," said Hughes on The MMA Hour. "I just think everybody ought to go in natural. I really do."

Hughes said that he never messed with any illegal steroids because it takes away the fairness aspect in a fight.

"I think everybody just needs to be who they are and step in there," said Hughes. "I know I could get a lot of heat from some other fighters, but I've never taken anything."

During his younger days, Hughes said he used Creatine Monohydrate, but would never use anything that can't be purchased at a GNC store and go into a blender.

Over the last month, the UFC Hall of Famer has contemplated retirement after not fighting for over a year and losing his last two contest.

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