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Matt Flynn to the Jacksonville Jaguars?

When Matt Flynn signed with Seattle Seahawks last year, it seemed like a given he would land the starting job. Tarvaris “three and out” Jackson epitomized mediocrity and although he had gained the respect of his coaches and teammates for playing hurt, it was all too clear he was not a long term solution at quarterback. With the 15th overall pick in the upcoming draft, it seemed unlikely a franchise quarterback was on the way. Amazing how fast things can change.

The Seahawks take Russell Wilson with the 75th overall pick in the draft and the rest as they say, is history. He wrestles the starting job away from Flynn and leads the Seahawks to the divisional round of the playoffs.

Despite losing the starting job, the Seahawks opted to keep Flynn for the 2012 campaign as a backup in case Wilson got hurt or didn’t produce. It was a smart move, as there was no real need to get rid of Flynn. His cap hit was a meagre 4 million, which is a lot for a backup, but the Seahawks had more than enough cap space to make it work.

Less than two years into Flynn’s 3 year 19.5 million dollar contract, it now appears as though he’ll be on his way out. Flynn’s cap hit rises to 7.5 million for the 2013 season, which is way too much to invest in a backup quarterback. Especially now that the Seahawks have established themselves as a legitimate contender. The more money to spend on free agents that might put them over the top the better.

If the Seahawks do trade Flynn, and I think that they will, the question now is where will Flynn go? The teams most desperate for a new quarterback this offseason are the Chiefs and Cardinals. Some not so frequently mentioned candidates include the Browns, Jets and Jaguars.

My money is on Flynn going to Jacksonville. The Seahawks coaching staff was very high on Flynn. The Jaguars just happen to have a new coach that was a member of that coaching staff during the 2012 season in Gus Bradley. The Jaguars have no shortage of cap space with somewhere in the neighbourhood of 22 million available for the 2013 season. They are also starting to lose patience with Blaine Gabbert and are planning on having an open competition for the starting job in training camp.

The Jaguars also have some pieces that the Seahawks could find very enticing. With Alan Branch set to hit free agency maybe they pursue Tyson Alualu. Maybe they could pursue Posluszny to replace another free agent in Leroy Hill.

This Seahawks team is built to contend for Super Bowls and they are built to do it now. Clearing 7.5 million in cap space for a player that - if all goes to plan - will spend the entire 2013 campaign on the bench will allow this team to pursue the best free agents. The kind of free agents that result in championship rings.

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