Matt Cassel to Cardinals or Vikings?

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The Chiefs are apparently looking to move Matt Cassel and the final two years of his contract. Unfortunately for them they were unable to track down and burn any and all footage of him ever throwing a football. This will likely result in the eventual release of perennially disappointing standout. He stood out for all the wrong reasons though unfortunately.

The two teams being linked to Cassel right now are the Vikings and Cardinals. The Cardinals are reportedly looking for a quarterback to push Kolb. Not one to take the starting job from him, but aid in his progression. I’m sure he has much to offer... In all fairness though, he would provide an upgrade on John Skelton as the backup. Certainly can’t be any worse than Skelton. There are so many better and likely to be just as affordable options at backup in free agency though. Not sure I see the point in making this move. The Cardinals are also way overdue to draft a quarterback. Before the fifth round preferably.

The Vikings being interested in Cassel is just a little more than peculiar. They are apparently looking to find a veteran quarterback to help in the incumbent Christian Ponder’s development and possibly push for the starting job. Not sure what Cassel has to teach Ponder though. The finer points of mediocrity? The better side to turnovers? Heaven forbid he actually does challenge for the starting job...

Ultimately the decision will be in Cassel’s hands. Finding a trade partner for a backup that lost his job to Brady Quinn and has two more years on his contract with over $20M remaining doesn’t seem all that likely. Then again, there are the Jets. I’ve heard they need a quarterback...

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