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Matt Barkley Billboard Near UCLA's Campus Mysteriously Disappears

Has anyone seen Matt Barkley’s billboard?

Word on the street is that somebody took down a billboard of Matt Barkley that was located near the UCLA campus, only no one will fess up to it. In other words, someone stole a billboard.

The billboard is owned by Regency Outdoor Advertising, who apparently become irate when a reporter called them and asked what had happened to the billboard. Something’s definitely a little weird here. I don’t know if Regency was getting threats or the billboard was de-faced or whatever, but there’s more to this story that we’re not hearing.

Granted, it’s kind of stupid for an advertising company to say, “You know what? Let’s put an enormous billboard of the best player on UCLA’s biggest rival right next to the UCLA campus. It can’t possibly go wrong. Barkley’s a good looking dude right? Those co-eds will love it!” So maybe Regency had this coming. The company is owned by a couple of USC grads, and it seems like they were just trying to be dicks by setting up shop in UCLA’s home. I’m all about school pride, but maybe don’t take your dick out and swing it around in the other school’s face, you know?

Also, this fiasco brings up another issue – what’s the deal with USC’s motto? “We Play To Finish.” What the hell does that even mean? Doesn’t everyone “Play to finish?” Is finishing 60 minutes of a football game somehow exclusive to USC and I just had no idea? It’s just not the smartest slogan I’ve ever heard for a school that is  one of the biggest football powers in the country.

It sounds like USC went to the Herm Edwards school of motivation.

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