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Martinez’s Trainer: Manny Pacquiao Only Fights Guys Near Retirement

Manny Pacquiao’s knack for picking only opponents who are half retired by the time they limp into the ring against him is starting to garner the attention of current boxing camps.

In a recent interview with FanHouse, Sergio Martinez’s trainer Gabriel Sarmiento absolutely tore the Filipino paper champ to shreds with one scathing quote -- saying he fights “guys who are really almost one step away from retirement.”

If the truth hurts, then someone get Pacquiao an Advil -- quickly.  

When the current eight division champ opted to fight against ‘Splenda’ Shane Mosley for his next bout rather than a real quality opponent, many were left scratching their heads as to what Pacquiao’s motives were. After all, the falsely appointed people’s champ always tried to sell himself as a guy who fought for his fans, not for the big money. By selling his soul to the devil and fighting a patsy like Mosley to secure a big payday with minimal risk, though, Pacquiao proved all his supporters wrong.

After all, Mosley is hardly the fighter he was once upon a time when Pacquiao was too scared to give him a match. Most recently, he fell victim to the true pound-for-pound king, Floyd Mayweather Jr., in a lopsided decision. Earlier, he fought to a split-decision draw against Sergio Mora in a battle that some called the most boring fight of the year.

Recognizing what an easy win ‘Splenda’ would be, Pacquiao gushed at the opportunity to collect another easy win in what’s quickly becoming an increasingly hollow winning streak.

If there is anyone qualified to speak on Pacquiao’s newfound tendency to duck quality opponents it’s definitely Sarmiento. After all, it is in large part due to his training that Martinez was declared the WBC Emeritus Champion and is considered one of the best fighters in the world today.

For his next bout, Martinez will square off against the winner of the Zbik-Chavez showdown scheduled for either May 14 or 21 in Mexico.

The question now becomes:

When will Pacquiao come to his senses?

Heck, the entire sport of boxing and all of its fans are beginning to see this guy for the money-grubbing, Bob Arum-puppet he is. If he doesn’t watch out, even his blind, loyal little fans will soon tire of his games.

The Mosley mistake is in the books, and it cannot be undone. After that, though, that’s all up to Pacquiao. He can either choose to fight another patsy as he’s done for numerous fights en route to his current paper champ status. Or, he could attempt to live up to his “people’s champ” label amongst somebody and take on a real fighter.

The choice is yours, Pacman.


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