Martin Kampmann, Jake Ellenberger Analyze the Way Their Fight Ended

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Another fight against a top welterweight ended with Martin Kampmann again rallying back from the brink of defeat to pull off a highlight reel stoppage.

At The Ultimate Fighter: Live Finale last night, Kampmann survived an early onslaught from Jake Ellenberger to come back in the second and score a knockout win of his own. The Dutchman was badly hurt by a salvo of blows in the first round, but the ref let him fight on and he made it to the second frame, where he put Ellenberger away with knees.

Though Ellenberger was clearly rocked when the fight was stopped, some have called it a controversial stoppage since he seemed less damaged than Kampmann did in the first. Both fighters discussed the stoppage at last night's post-fight press conference.

For Ellenberger, the stoppage seemed a bit premature, but the fighter still gave all respect to his opponent.

"That's up to the ref, it's the ref's discretion," said Ellenberger on the stoppage. "That's just the way it goes. I had him hurt. I thought I had him more hurt than he was, but he's tough, man. He battled back and stayed in there. I'm a little disappointed but, that's the way the ref -- I felt like I could have kept fighting or [he] possibly could have given me a chance to recover, but it is what it is. It was Martin's night, you know?"

Kampmann couldn't say for sure, but pointed out that he's always going to be in the fight until he's essentially unconscious.

"I don't know, I have to watch it on tape again to give you a good answer on that, whether it was a good stoppage or not," Kampmann said. "I can tell you one thing though: you can never count me out. I don't want you to stop the fight. I'm always gonna be there fighting to the very end. So, don't stop the fight if I'm the one that's hurt."

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