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Martin Kampmann on Carlos Condit: "I Know He Wants to Fight Me"

In his WEC and UFC career, Carlos Condit (28-5) had a near perfect record over those five years. Only Martin Kampmann (20-5) was able to place a blemish. At UFC Fight Night in 2009, Kampmann won a split decision over Condit.

As Condit prepares for his championship fight with Georges St-Pierre (22-2), Kampmann knows he could be challenging for the title next as Condit has expressed interest in a rematch.

"I know he wants to fight me," said Kampmannon on Fight Hub. "He told me personally. He's a competitor and wanted to erase that loss on his record. I'm not going to let him."

Kampmannon wants to fight Condit whether he wins the championship or not at UFC 154. His next fight is not known after he added a third win to streak this past June.

"We had a hell of a fight," said Kampmann. "When I see him go out and beat those tough guys, it gives our fight reason. He's a tough and I'd love to fight him again. If he's going to defeat GSP I want to fight him even more."

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