Marshawn Lynch Fined For Crotch-Grabbing Celebration


Seattle Seahawks’ running back, Marshawn Lynch has been known for getting in trouble with the league a time or two. He has received fines for not talking to the media after games, but this time Lynch received a fine for an obscene gesture he made during a win over the Cardinals Sunday night.

The NFL fined Lynch $11,050 for the way he celebrated the longest run of his career—79 yards—which ended in a touchdown that made all highlight reels. The NFL called it an unsportmanlike action, although he was not flagged during the game.

In 2013, Lynch called his crotch grab "the stamp. The statement. … You've got to finish it off somehow."

After the fine, we will have to see if Lynch decides to stick to his “stamp,” or if he’ll go a different route.

Source: CBS Sports / Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports


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