Horrific New Details in Murder Case Involving Soccer Star Bruno

One of the biggest soccer stars in Brazil was arrested last week and charged with the murder of his ex-lover. According to news reports, his ex-girlfriend was last seen on June 7th when she told friends she was going to meet with Bruno, the goalie for Brazil's club champion soccer team. That was the last anyone heard from her.

Reports are she met Bruno at his house, where he had an ex-policeman torture her, raped her, and when she had begged to die long enough, finally killed her. Her body was then cut and fed to the dogs in the house.

The woman, Eliza Samudio (pictured above), left behind a four-month-old baby who is supposed to be the child of Bruno. When she was five months pregnant, she told Bruno about it, and he tried to force feed her abortion pills. Bruno, who is married, has said, "In the future, I'll laugh about all of this."

He also says he wants to compete for Brazil in the next World Cup. When police arrested Bruno's wife, she was taking care of Eliza's baby.

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