Marlins Trade Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle to Blue Jays in Massive Deal


Could the Miami Marlins possibly be any more of a joke?

A year after they tried to make everyone forget about their massive, publicly funded stadium by handing out crazy contract after crazy contract, the Marlins have officially hit the reset button. Having already shipped Heath Bell to the Arizona Diamondbacks, ownership decided to blow up the team once and for all by sending Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson and Matt Buehrle to the Toronto Blue Jays. According to FOX Sports, John Buck Emilio Bonifacio will also be a part of the deal.

And what is Miami getting in return for all that? A dynamite package of “Yunel Escobar and Adeiny Hechavarria, major-league starter Henderson Alvarez, minor-league starter Justin Nicolino and center fielder Jacob Marisnick.”

Once this deal is completed, the Marlins will have shipped off over $180 million in future salaries already during this offseason. Not including arbitration-eligible players, they have $16 million on the books for next season.

Giancarlo Stanton responded to his ownership essentially admitting that it sucks in every way imaginable quite aptly:

Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & Simple

— Giancarlo Stanton (@Giancarlo818) November 13, 2012

There will be plenty of time to dissect this deal from the Blue Jays’ end. Regardless of how you feel about the players and salary they’re taking on, though, at least they’re trying.

The Marlins...they're just a perfect example of how horrible certain franchises can be. And now their year of non-stop failure has officially come full circle. Amazing.

(Kudos FOX Sports)

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