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Marlins’ Jose Fernandez, Not Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig, is NL Rookie of the Year

If I asked you who the NL Rookie of the Year would be, what would you say? You would say it has to be Yasiel Puig, right? 


At least, you should be wrong, as long as voters look at the whole body of work and not just the hype.

This year, the ROY honors should belong to Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins. For a pitcher with virtually no supporting offense and not a whole lot of defensive help either look at these numbers:

W-L: 10-6

ERA: 2.33 (3rd in MLB)

WHIP: 1.00 (4th best in MLB)

Innings: 158.2

Strikeouts: 173

BAA: .186 (1st in MLB)

K/9: 9.81 (3rd in MLB)

As if those numbers aren’t impressive enough, Fernandez has only gotten stronger as the season has gone on.

Since May, Fernandez has thrown less than 6 innings just twice, given up more than 2 runs just once, struck out 10 people 4 times, and has seen his ERA drop nearly 1.5 runs. 

All in all, Fernandez has had an incredible season for a team that doesn’t have a lot to play for. If you have watched any of his starts, you would have seen how much winnings means to him. Many times this year, I have seen Fernandez ecstatic about the Marlins winning a game, sometimes the first person out of the dugout; just moments after watching his bullpen cost him a “win”.

Here is the kicker: Fernandez is only 21 years old.

The kid has been unbelievable in every aspect of the word and, without a doubt in my mind, deserves to be the NL Rookie of the Year.

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