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Mark Sanchez Needs Surgery, Reminds Everyone He’s Better than Jets Rookie Geno Smith

The New York Jets better get used to seeing Geno Smith leading the offense, because he isn’t going anywhere. On the heels of Thursday night’s surprisingly close game between the Jets and New England Patriots, all football-related talk in New York surrounds the status of the guy who originlly (narrowly) won the starting quarterback spot, Mark Sanchez.

According to USA Today, Sanchez needs shoulder surgery and will almost certainly be placed on the injured reserve list. This of course directly contradicts what Sanchez himself said this week on Rich Eisen’s podcast, when he noted that he was “pleasantly surprised” by how much progress he was making and that there was “no plan for surgery at this time.”

Sanchez originally hurt his shoulder during a preseason showdown against the New York Giants.

On an amusing, somewhat related note: During his interview with Eisen, Sanchez was trolled into taking a little shot at the rookie that Rex Ryan and Co. clearly brought in to replace him.

"Do you feel you won the [QB] competition?" Eisen asked him, point blank.

"There's no doubt," Sanchez said. "It was a done deal.

He’s right, of course – it was a done deal. Sanchez is definitely less bad than Smith. However, it’s still pretty funny that, even though it serves absolutely no purpose, Sanchez will never pass up an opportunity to take someone down a peg and stroke his own ego.


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