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Mark Sanchez, Jets Embarrass Themselves Yet Again

In what turned out to be one of the ugliest offensive games in Monday Night Football history, Mark Sanchez and the Jets somehow found a way to hit a new low.

Despite the fact that their playoff hopes hung on the result of this outing, Sanchez and the Jets offense managed only 253 total yards and 10 points, all the while turning the ball over 5 times. 

Now, remember, this was against a Titans group that had the worst defense in the league going into Monday night. Facing that defense, Sanchez finished with a line that looked like this: 13 for 28, 131 yards, a TD, and 4 INT.

Simply inexplicable.

Now, before I get to the person who should be taking the most heat—besides Sanchez—I will give some props to the Jets defense. The Jets defense continued to give Sanchez and the offense chance after chance. They only gave up 12 first downs and forced 10 punts. Not only that, they also blocked a field goal early in the game that gave Sanchez great starting field position.

With all that being said, Rex Ryan is lucky—and I am shocked—that no players have come out and blasted their head coach for not doing everything in his power to win them a game they absolutely had to have. Rex continually put the ball back in Sanchez’s hands and let his struggling quarterback simply implode in the second half. All four interceptions were Sanchez’s fault. All four interceptions were bad decisions.

As I write this, the Jets have announced that Mark Sanchez will be benched this coming Sunday against the Chargers…WHAT?

Why now? Why not after the 1st…2nd…3rd or 4TH interception in a game that would have kept them in the playoff hunt and with something to play for?

If Ryan really thought Sanchez gave them the best chance to win, he would be starting again this Sunday. In fact, best-case scenario for the Jets, if McElroy plays well, it’s going to make Ryan look even more foolish for sticking with Sanchez so long. I just can’t imagine how frustrating this decision must be for the players (especially the defense).

Bottom line is: Sanchez gave Ryan reason after reason this entire season to bench him, yet Rex waited until there was nothing left to play for. I take that back, he actually did bench him, once, against the Cardinals, and it WON THEM THE GAME.

In the end, it’s a coach’s job is to put his team in the best position to win, and never at any point did it feel like Mark Sanchez gave the Jets the best chance to win last night.

Blame Sanchez – but blame Rex, too.

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