Mark Sanchez is Better than Tim Tebow on Madden 13, Too

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We all know that Mark Sanchez is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow. He has a better understanding of the game. He has a better arm. He makes better reads. He completes better throws. He’s far more accomplished.

All of this stuff is indisputable. The only reason there is a faux quarterback controversy in New York right now is because Tebow, by no fault of his own, is regularly propped up by ESPN and made out to better than he really is. It’s all good – the sane fans get it.

But, again, Sanchez is the better quarterback.

On Friday, Yahoo! Sports released a preview of how Sanchez’s numbers and Tebow’s numbers compare in Madden 13. They mostly just mirror reality.

Via the report:

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We eagerly await Skip Bayless’ tirade against the makers of Madden.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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