Mark Munoz to Sit Out a Year Because of Foot Injury?

Turns out that loss to Chris Weidman was more damaging to Mark Munoz than being just a defeat. During training for the bout, Munoz suffered a nasty foot injury that could keep him on the sidelines for several more months.

"I hurt my foot training; I was training with Jason (Mayhem Miller) inside the cage and my foot got caught," said Munoz, in an interview with Fight Hub TV. "I am not sure if it is broken. I will be getting an official MRI and I will know. I just hope they do not have to break it in order for it to heal properly."

Munoz added that he came down with a Staph infection that spread from his knee to his forehead, but a quick trip to the doctor cured that issue. He has fought just once since a 2011 win over Chris Leben.

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