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Mark Munoz Breaks Down Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

It should be no surprise that a personal friend of both the current UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and the All-American wrestler, Chael Sonnen would be weary when it comes to favoring one over the other.

This is the case for fellow UFC Middleweight, Mark Munoz, who told MMAInterviews.TV's Spencer Lazara he will be hoping for an entertaining bout, rather than favoring one man over the other.

"I'm going to take the diplomatic answer, and say I want to see a good fight.

"I just want to see both of them perform [well]… That's what it all boils down to."

The one piece of insight offered by the "Filipino Wrecking Machine" to Lazara was that he does not envision the rematch resembling the first fight at all, where Silva spent the majority of four and a half rounds on his back before pulling off a miraculous Hail Mary triangle-armbar to tap out Sonnen.

"I truly believe [the rematch] will be different. When I trained with [Silva], it was hard to take him down—with his motion and footwork, it was very, very hard. I think that injury took him out of his mind frame and game plan."

While a supposed rib injury may have thrown the Champ off in his first fight with Team Quest's Sonnen, Munoz, still expects Sonnen to come to grind.

"Chael Sonnen, he's still gonna bring that grit, bring that stank on his takedowns and grind you out. Both guys are awesome fighters and I think you guys are going to see a good fight."

Aside from his amicable relationships with these two men, the "Filipino Wrecking Machine" will be watching the July rematch at UFC 148 with vested interest, as Munoz may be one of the next challengers for the UFC's Middleweight strap.

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