NBA Fan Perspective: Mark Jackson Would be Awful for Warriors

Lots of reports surfacing that former NBA guard Mark Jackson has met with Joe Lacob twice and has a real chance to be the new head coach of the Golden State Warriors. So am I excited about Mark Jackson as a possibility?


Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Jackson was a great floor leader when he was a player. I think he's a pretty good NBA analyst and I'm sure he knows the game of basketball, especially having played the point guard position. And, I know that other good former-players-turned-coaches had to get their start somewhere, but I don't think this Golden State team is that place for Mark Jackson.

Jackson hasn't even served on a coaching staff. How does he even know the first thing about what it takes today to run today's NBA team. Why would the Warriors fire a relatively new coach only to hire a guy with zero head coaching experience. Doesn't make sense. We know they've tried different strategies: college head coach (fail!), former Warriors head coach come back around (fail!), top assistant (fail!). What's next... no head coaching experience at all - could be. 

The Warriors need a proven leader with experience. Lawrence Frank has that. Dwane Casey has that. Rick Adelman has that (although he would also fit in the former Warriors head coach come back around category).

What is the Warriors strategy here and who will Jerry West sign off on?

All I know is that I do not think this should be Mark Jackson's new career launching pad.  


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