Mark Cuban Rips Jason Kidd, Refuses to Retire His Dallas Mavericks Number


Everyone agrees that Jason Kidd is a Hall of Famer, so why is the only franchise he’s ever won a championship with saying it won’t retire his number?

Earlier this summer, after the Dallas Mavericks got spurned by Deron Williams, it looked as though Kidd re-upping with Mark Cuban and Co. was all but a foregone conclusion. According to numerous reports, there was a deal on the table for 3 years and $9.5 million – and Kidd had apparently agreed to it in principle. Then something changed. Instead of re-signing with the Mavs, Kidd opted to take the same money and join forces with the New York Knicks.

The sudden shift in plans left Cuban understandably salty. A few months have passed since then, but clearly the anger is still there. Here is what he had to say on the matter today during an appearance on Dallas 103.3 FM’s Ben and Skin Show (via ESPN):

“I was more than upset,” Cuban said. “I thought he was coming. I was pissed. …

“J. Kidd is a big boy; he can do whatever he wants. But you don’t change your mind like that. That was … yeah. I’m sure I’ll get over it at some point, but as of now, I wouldn’t put J. Kidd’s number in the rafters.”

Even though he was obviously irritated about what transpired, Cuban made it a point to note that he still believed Kidd was a good guy. A good guy who did a bad thing.

“He’s a good guy, but I just thought that was wrong,” Cuban said. “You can’t put a guy’s number in the rafters when he decides he doesn’t want to be there.”

So, who would make the cut for the rafters as of this very moment?

“Putting somebody up in the rafters, that’s something sacred in my mind,” Cuban said. “You don’t just do it just to do it, to have a big ceremony, to sell tickets. You haven’t seen me decide yet. I go back and forth on Derek Harper all the time, but Harp will be up there before J. Kidd will.

“I’ve always said my prerequisite was that you played on a championship team for the Mavs. I’d say Jet’s got a shot, Dirk’s an obvious, but as of right now I wouldn’t put J. Kidd up there.”

As mad as he is about what Kidd did in the here and now, it’s hard to envision Cuban not changing his mind once his ex-point guard retires. For all his faults, Kidd was an integral part of the Mavericks’ lone championship campaign, and someone who prizes titles as much Cuban does isn’t going to forget that. 

(Kudos ESPN)

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