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Mark Cuban Fined $50K for NBA Officiating Tweet

The Dallas Mavericks are really bad this year. They’ve lost 23 games. Dirk Nowitzki is talking about possibly getting traded. Their experiment of mending on the cheap and waiting for a big free agent doesn’t appear to be working. And, worst of all, they’re going to miss the playoffs in a season when the West is pretty much wide open.

Understandably, Mark Cuban is mad. And when Mark Cuban gets mad, he doesn’t shy away from letting people know about it.

This past weekend, after his team lost to the New Orleans Hornets, Cuban posed the following question to Twitter:

Im sorry NBA fans. Ive tried for 13 yrs to fix the officiating in this league and I have failed miserably. Any Suggestions ? I need help

— Mark Cuban (@mcuban) January 6, 2013

The league didn’t take kindly to that. Cuban was fined $50,000 on Tuesday.

The good folks at Mashable did a bit of math on that seemingly hefty fine:

The $50,000 fine comes out to just over $367 per character for the 136-character tweet, but that’s just chump change to Cuban, whose net worth tops $2 billion. It’s the rough equivalent of a $1 fine for someone earning $40,000 per year.

No wonder Cuban spouts off so regularly.

(Kudos Mashable)

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