Mark Cuban: Elimination Of Max Deals Would Come At A Cost


With the NBA’s huge new television deal in the books, it’s safe to say that player salaries will get a healthy increase in the coming years. Though everyone in the NBA community agrees a player raise will take place, there are countless different opinions out there on just what the raise will look like.

Kevin Durant made the comment recently that with so much money on the way, the league should abolish max contracts and let players fetch however much money they can get on the open market.

Durant believes that elite NBA players are currently worth more money than they make.

"Look at it like this, Kobe Bryant brings in a lot of money to Los Angeles, that downtown area," Durant told News OK. "Clippers are getting up there; Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and those guys are bringing in a lot of money as well. Look at Cleveland, look at Miami when LeBron [James] was there. These guys are worth more than what they are making because of the money that they bring to that area. That's a conversation you can always have, but until it's changed, you never know what will happen to it."

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban responded to Durant’s idea yesterday and said the league would be open to eliminating max contracts…if players are willing to sacrifice guaranteed contracts, that is.

"It was discussed during the lockout time among owners but never got anywhere," Cuban said. "So it was just one of those trial balloons. I'm not offering this as a negotiation, I'm not suggesting it. All I'm saying is that was something we discussed before, and max contracts are always big question, guarantees are always a big question.”

Cuban then said “if you give up guarantees, it’s a trade-off.”

Sources: NewsOK, ESPN


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