Mark Coleman Isn't a Fan of Retirement

Some may dream of retirement, but not Mark Coleman (16-10) who found his future uncertain after his last fight.

"It's a little bit depressing," said Coleman on Fuel TV. "I want to be in there. For a long time, after my last fight, I really couldn't even watch the sport. I knew I wasn't getting back in there, but you have to learn how to deal with it and fortunately for me I have been able to stay involved with the sport."

Coleman started his MMA career when he debuted at UFC 10 in 1996.

Since his last fight, Coleman stays active in the MMA scene just away from the physical action aspect.

"The fans have been great," said Coleman. "I make appearances and I don't' need the limelight, but competing is all I've ever done my entire life. Then it ends so quickly. I've been called old for 15 years, but I finally told myself that I am old. It's tough, but there's a time to go. I had to get out."

Coleman's final fight was in February 2010, where he suffered a first round loss to Randy Couture (19-11) at UFC 109. Following the defeat, he was released from the promotion.

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