Ex-ESPN Personality Jay Mariotti Charged with 3 Felonies

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Remember when Jay Mariotti was on television with ESPN? Remember how he used to be holier than thou and talk down to everyone else? Remember when he used to write and talk about what losers these professional athletes were that hit their wives?

Yeah, he’s officially been charged with three felonies relating to spats with his ex-girlfriend. He is charged with domestic violence, assault and stalking. All because he disobeyed a court order to stay away from this ex-girlfriend. And that landed him two misdemeanor charges of disobeying a court order.

Well done, you bum.

He had pled no contest to a count of misdemeanor domestic violence stemming from a previous incident. That same day, he confronted the ex. Whoops. Then on April 15th, he argued with her outside of a Venice restaurant where prosecutors say he tore out a chunk of her hair and grabbed her cellphone while shouting at her. Sounds like more than arguing, but whatever.

These new charges are clearly in violation of his probation agreement that came from the no contest plea. So yeah, he’s now facing five years in prison.


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