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Marine Sgt. David Douglas Sets Bench-Press Record

Among Jack Nicholson's famous lines in "A Few Good Men" were "You messed with the wrong Marine." With all due respect to Col. Nathan R. Jessep, in reality the wrong Marine with whom to mess would be Sgt. David Douglas, who just set a world record for bench pressing.

The six-foot, 272-pound Marine, who is based at Camp Pendleton in California, set the record at the U.S. Powerlifting Association Open in July in the 308-pound weight class by benching a stunning 738.5 pounds. No wonder he is affectionately known as "The Beast."

“People were really patting me on the back,” Douglas told the Fox station in San Diego. “And (making) little jokes here and there about, ‘Can you pick up my car if I have a flat tire?’"

Douglas, however, didn't always live up to his nickname.

“I was about 145 pounds all the way through high school,” the 24-year-old Douglas said. “I was a small guy. In the Marine Corps, I started lifting and I grew from there.”

Douglas started lifting competitively in 2006. His next goal is to lift an unthinkable 800 pounds at  the Mr. Olympia Professional Powerlifting Competition next month.

Here is video of Douglas training for the competition:


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