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Maria Sharapova Withdraws from Brisbane International, Looks Forward to Australian Open

In an effort to prioritize her long-term goals over her short-term inclinations, Maria Sharapova withdrew from the Brisbane International on Tuesday.

The World’s No. 2 ranked women’s tennis player has been battling inflammation around her collarbone for a while now, and is apparently unable to even hit a serve at this point. Seeing as we are just two weeks away from the Australian Open, taking this time to relax seemed like the smartest move out there for Sharapova and her camp.

"I had a bit of inflammation in my collarbone. My doctor in New York told me I couldn't really do much overhead training for about a week,” she said (via Yahoo)

"So to be fair, I haven't really given myself a chance to pretty much hit any serves or anything over my head. Just been practicing groundstrokes.

"So I just kind of ran out of time here."

That being said, Sharapova still plans to play in the Australian Open.

"I still have quite a bit of time to prepare for the Australian Open," she added. "I'm on the right track, been training really well, so I just don't want to jeopardize what I've gained in the off-season so far.

"I just have to make a smart move here."

Brisbane tournament director Cameron Pearson understood Sharapova’s decision.

"We hope that she can recover sufficiently from the injury to take the court for the Australian Open and wish her all the best for the summer."

(Kudos Yahoo)

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