Margarito’s Trainer: I Wanted to Throw in Towel vs. Pacquiao


As boxing fans all over watched Antonio Margarito get absolutely destroyed by Manny Pacquiao for 12 rounds, the one question on the tip of everyone’s tongue was – why isn’t this fight being stopped?

Speaking with TMZ, Margarito’s trainer Sergio Diaz Jr. explained that he and others in the corner wanted to throw in the towel. However, every time the prospect of quitting was brought up to the Mexican-American fighter, he said that he wanted to keep on fighting. Diaz went as far as to say that Margarito was “adamant” about the fight not being halted until the very end.

On Tuesday, Margarito underwent surgery for the orbital bone fracture he sustained at the hands of the Filipino superstar.

After seeing the consequences of not throwing in the towel, Diaz told TMZ that he would have to sit down with Margarito and make sure something like this never happened again.

Nevertheless, apparently there are no regrets from anyone involved.

"He wouldn’t have wanted anything different. Fight to the end." Diaz said.

Sometimes, however, a trainer must overrule a fighter and do what's in the boxer's best interests. In other words, there are some fighters who will keep going until they are literally unable to stand or dead. When it's clear his guy cannot win, a trainer must realize this and protect his fighter from long-term health damage.

Diaz should have thrown in the towel and dealt with an angry Margarito afterwards.


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