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Marcus Vick Involved in Michael’s Birthday Shooting, Fits Description?

According to Game 102.1 in Virginia Beach, former Dolphins wide receiver Marcus Vick was involved in the shooting of Quanis Phillips last Thursday night at Michael Vick’s birthday party. Phillips was a cousin to Marcus, and his brother, Michael, and served as a co-defendant at Michael’s dog-fighting trials.

The good people over at SportsByBrooks did some in-depth research and have come up with several clues tying Marcus to the event in question.

The biggest thing working against the younger Vick brother at the moment is that the Phillips’ shooter was described as, “a black male wearing a white tank top and driving a white Cadillac Escalade.

In a 2005 ESPN article, Bruce Feldman reported the following:

“Michael says he loves his brother to no end. And that was part of the problem-he spoiled Marcus. Michael bought Marcus an Escalade for his 18th birthday, and when Marcus’ license was taken away, Michael hired him a driver.”

Earlier in a 2004 article, Norm Wood of the Hampton Road Daily Press had this to say:

“The girls were planning to have a slumber party after the game – until Vick called. She said they sneaked out of a window of her friend’s parents’ house and Vick and Hill picked them up near midnight in Vick’s white Cadillac Escalade on the side of Route 114.”

Based on these two separate articles, it can be concluded that Marcus owned a white Cadillac Escalade, much like Phillips’ shooter reportedly did. That being said, however, a Cadillac Escalade is a popular car, and white is a popular color to get it in.  

The problem is that police, for some reason, have not yet cleared Marcus in their investigation as they have done with Michael. While Michael left the party early, prior to the shooting occurring (there are some disputes as to how much earlier), Marcus stayed behind to clear the tab.

Why all the hostility towards Phillips? Well, reports from the party have Phillips arriving at the party without invitation and being asked to leave. As part of Michael’s parole, he was not supposed to be in the same location as his co-defendant. On top of crashing the party, Phillips reportedly also smashed cake into Michael’s face upon being told he had to leave.

Again, the so-called evidence available to the general public is very flimsy. You would hate to wrongly accuse anyone of a shooting, even if it is someone with a checkered history like Marcus.

The truth should come out soon enough, though. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported earlier today that the shooter is expected to turn himself in “soon.”


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