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Marc Trestman to the Chicago Bears?

Marc Trestman may or may not be on his way to becoming the next head coach of the Chicago Bears. If that sounds a little ambiguous to you, get in line.

Early Friday morning, Fox analyst Jimmy Johnson sent out a tweet saying the following: “Looks like 2 of my guys getting NFL jobs ... Chud Cleveland and my QB coach at U Trestman to Chicago.'' Chud, as Johnson lovingly refers to him, is Rob Chudzinski – the new coach of the Cleveland Browns. Trestman, obviously, is Marc Trestman who worked on Johnson’s coaching staff when he was running things at the University of Miami.

There is no reason to assume that Jimmy Johnson is any more aware of who the Bears are going to hire than any other media personality around, but his tweet is also a bit too on the money to be random.

Naturally, as soon as he said what he said, a million different media outlets picked the story up and ran with it.

Problem is, it remains to be seen if Trestman actually got the Bears coaching job. As recently as an hour ago, according to him, he still hadn’t gotten any sort of word from Chicago brass. In an e-mail to the Montreal Gazette on Friday, he wrote this: ''I have not heard from the Bears and have responded in that manner on multiple levels.''

Johnson, in an effort to do some damage control, back-pedaled on his initial tweet a bit.

I tweeted this morning "It LOOKS like 2 of my guys were getting NFL jobs not that Trestman got it!

— Jimmy Johnson (@JimmyJohnson) January 11, 2013

Whether folks should or shouldn’t buy into this story depends on how much credibility you feel Johnson has as an insider.

On one hand, why would he up and out of the blue suggest that Trestman looks like he is in line for the Chicago gig unless he had a reason to believe so? Why intentionally put a guy that you like on the spot like that if you don’t think he -- for one reason or another -- has an edge over the other dozen candidates who got second-round interviews from the Bears?

On the other hand, who would tell Johnson anything? Seriously, why would any NFL executive anywhere tell the biggest mouth on Fox’s NFL studio crew who their team was going to hire?

The Bears will likely decide on a coach soon enough. We’ll get the final word on what’s what at that point.

(Kudos Chicago Tribune)

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