Map: The Most Popular NFL Teams Across The Nation


Facebook is one of the largest data-collecting institutions in the world, and the company often publishes visualizations of the information they gather. Today, they released their annual NFL fan map.

The map shows which team has the most Facebook “likes” in each county across the nation.

Not surprisingly, the league’s most valuable franchise – the Dallas Cowboys – is also the league’s most popular franchise. The Cowboys lay claim to almost all of Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. The team also makes appearances in counties in Nevada, Washington, Idaho, and southern Virginia.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the New York Jets, who don’t make a single appearance on the map. Even in New York City, there’s not a single area where the Jets are more popular than the Giants.

Another interesting find: the Raiders aren’t the most popular team in Oakland. The 49ers are. You have to go down to Southern California to find Raider-dominated areas. 

All in all, the map shows some pretty interesting, even if mostly expected, results.

Check it out:

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H/T: My Fox 8


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