Manziel: UGA Running Back Gurley 'Built A Brand And Should Be Able To Capitalize On It'


Johnny Manziel tweeted his support today for embattled University of Georgia star running back Todd Gurley. Gurley is currently under investigation by the NCAA for allegedly selling autographs and memorabilia for profit, a practice that is explicitly banned for NCAA athletes. Manziel’s support for Gurley is no surprise given that the Browns rookie quarterback was investigated for the same thing during his time at Texas A&M.

“I feel for him,” Manziel told's Mary Kay Cabot after Browns practice today. “I feel he should be able to capitalize off it. I don't think [NCAA rules are] going to change any time soon. ... It's an ongoing -- for student-athletes -- problem in college athletics."

Manziel sent out the following tweet this afternoon:

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Manziel then spoke on the “crossroads” that big time college football is currently at.

“I think [college football] is at a big crossroads right now with how much money, college football in particular, is bringing in for universities, for networks, for the SEC, for everything," Manziel said. "Then there are [players] walking out with an $800 scholarship check a month."

Gurley, who was emerging as a strong Heisman candidate before this scandal, will likely miss much, if not all, of this season after the NCAA concludes their investigation.

Photo credit: Online Athens


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