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Manu's Jam, Splitter's Block Top Two Plays Of Game 5

There were plenty of great highlight reel plays from the Spurs series-clinching win last night, but these two stick out from the crowd.

First there was Manu Ginobili’s ridiculous dunk in which he must have somehow transported his legs about ten years into the past. This is one of those plays that was so good it actually made me stand up and yell in the middle of my quiet living room.

Just as impressive as the dunk is who the 6’6 Ginobili threw it down over – 6’11 Chris Bosh. Ginobili blew by Ray Allen on the play before finishing over Bosh with a vicious one hand jam.

Hands down the dunk of the 2014 NBA Finals:

Then, in the third quarter, Tiago Splitter nearly sent Dwyane Wade through the floor of the AT&T Center with a huge block. I don’t know if Wade saw Manu’s dunk and thought “hey, I can channel a bit of my old self too”, but the results couldn’t have been more different. Miami hadn’t even been trying to drive to the basket before this play, and defense like this is probably why:


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