Manny Ramirez Hits Waiver Wire


The Los Angeles Dodgers have finally placed over-the-hill outfielder Manny Ramirez on waivers, according to Jon Morosi of  The move was made Wednesday afternoon.

If a team claims Ramirez off waivers, the Dodgers can work out a trade with that team (remember any other players involved in the trade would have to clear through waivers as well) or they can just dump his salary on that team with nothing in return except the relief that he won’t be stepping on the sweet Santa Ana Bermuda grass at Dodgers Stadium anymore.

Manny has to clear through the National League first with the team with the worst record having first dibs.  Even though the New York Mets are the worst team in baseball, they don’t get first dibs because their record doesn’t reflect that, but we all know the truth.  After the National League has their shot, the American League is next with the same rules.

If nobody claims Manny after the 47 hour window, the Dodgers can trade him to any team they wish, even the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Chicago White Sox are being reported as having the most interest.

Ramirez has struggled with a calf injury this year that won’t seem to heal due to Manny not taking steroids anymore.  Steroids help people heal quicker and other things as well.


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