Manny Pacquiao’s Conditioning Already Becoming Something to Worry About?

It’s generally been acknowledged by most boxing observers that Manny Pacquiao will beat Timothy Bradley when the pair meets on June 9.

That being said, one of the notable things Bradley will bring to the table when the match occurs will be his trademark athleticism. What he lacks in knockout (KO) power heading into the proceedings, Bradley will attempt to make up for with conditioning and size.

The question is: will Pacquiao’s conditioning be where it needs to be?

Already, there are worrying signs that point to this not being the case. In an interview with the good folks at Boxing Scene, Alex Ariza (Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning guy) indicated that all of the outside noise may be distracting his fighter. Per the report:

Unhappy over the distractions and personal problems that affected Pacquiao’s focus and preparation for his third fight against Juan Manuel Marquez, Ariza was hoping that Pacquiao would take his physical conditioning program seriously in the buildup to the Bradley showdown, knowing that the undefeated 140-pound champion is always in fine physical shape.

Ariza, who wanted Pacquiao to return to the demanding training regimen that put him in great shape for the fights against Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto, told the BoxingScene.com/Manila Standard he is “a bit concerned” about the preparation for the fight…

Obviously, if all goes according to plan, Pacquiao should have no problems earning a victory over Bradley. There is a reason he’s been installed as a heavy favorite heading into the fight. But as we learned during the Filipino champion’s interesting showing versus Juan Manuel Marquez last November, nothing is a foregone conclusion. No match is won on paper.

Pacquiao should beat Bradley. If he doesn’t do the necessary fight preparation, though, he’s just as susceptible to a potential upset as anyone else who steps into the ring.

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