Manny Pacquiao’s Brand New Legal Kerfuffle


As if Manny Pacquiao didn’t have enough legal problems to worry about, now a charitable effort has landed the Filipino champion in hot water.

Over the last year and change, Pacquiao has had a series of legal distractions at least partially taking his attention away from what he should be focused on – boxing. Some of these distractions were of his own making (the lawsuit vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr., for instance) whereas others were someone else’s doing.

Either way, there is probably a reasonable case to be made for all the outside noise at least partially contributing to the champ’s lukewarm showing against Juan Manuel Marquez last November.

And now you can officially tack on yet another unfortunate situation to a list that’s seemingly growing by the minute. Via the good folks at TMZ:

Manny's charity is being sued by a logistics company which claims they were hired by the MPF to ship several containers filled with "relief goods" to Manny's home country back in 2009.

… according to the lawsuit, "The containers were inspected by the Philippines authorities and found to have contained used clothing rather than relief goods and have held such containers as a violation of Philippines law."

The logistics company says the goods never made it to the people in need ... because they were confiscated by Philippine officials.

In the suit, the company implies Manny's Foundation is using the incident as an excuse to dodge the $35,805.36 bill ...

The shipping company is now demanding the full payment -- plus interest.

While this case clearly isn’t of the same magnitude as Pacquiao’s far more serious tax woes, we are starting to see a pattern develop.

Typically most athletes and celebrities have knowledgeable, credible people around them making sure these sort of incidents don’t occur. Nobody expects Pacquiao to be able to control everything going on around him – the man has like 100 balls in the air at all times. But by the same token, he should definitely have associates around him who ensure that all non-main priority operations run smoothly.

Clearly the champ doesn’t, though. And it’s really been hurting his brand as of late. 

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