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Manny Pacquiao Won’t Fight Juan Manuel Marquez Next, According to Bob Arum

Manny Pacquiao needs an opponent for next April, and Juan Manuel Marquez seems like a logical choice. The two men have fought four times before, with two of the bouts being instant classics, one being forgettable, and one landing somewhere in between. Of all the options facing both of these guys, aside from Pacquiao taking on Floyd Mayweather Jr., this makes the most sense.

And because it makes the most sense, naturally, it won’t happen.

Marquez, 40, says he wants to fight two more times before hanging up his gloves. He wants one of the bouts to come against Timothy Bradley, and the other against whoever. Bradley, for what it’s worth, swiftly defeated him this year in what should have been a unanimous decision victory. Interestingly, though, Marquez wants no part of Pacquiao.

According to Bob Arum, that isn’t expected to change anytime soon.

During a recent interview with Boxing Scene, the Top Rank boss explained why he doesn’t foresee a Marquez-Pacquiao V showdown happening.

 “Unlike many of these fighters, Marquez is an accountant,” he said. “He saved much of his money and made some very safe investments. So truly, for Marquez money is not a factor. And he figures that there is no way he can do better against Manny than he did last year. And he’s right. How much better could you be?”

The interesting thing about this is that it creates a pretty huge dilemma: Marquez wants Bradley, however, if Pacquiao doesn’t get Marquez, he’ll like target Bradley next. And seeing as Bradley can make far more fighting Pacquiao than fighting Marquez, it looks like Marquez ends up being the odd man out in that equation.


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