Manny Pacquiao Will Get Knocked Out by Brandon Rios, According to Mayweather


Manny Pacquiao isn’t an overwhelming favorite to beat Brandon Rios this November, but he’s still a favorite. Not long after their bout was announced, odds makers came out and installed Rios as something of a 3-to-1 underdog. The logic behind the move was simple: only one of Pacquiao’s last two losses was legitimate, and Rios’ style isn’t an ideal one when you’re going up against a guy who won’t simply stand there and bang.

That being said, while 3-to-1 was a moderately reasonable betting line to set, a lot of fans seemed outraged at how close odds makers had it. They seemed to believe that Pacquiao would wipe the floor with Rios.

It’s sort of bizarre how little respect Rios has been given up to this point. At 27 years old, this guy has one blemish on his record – his most recent loss to Mike Alvarado. Prior to that, despite how supposedly easy to figure out his style is, he’s been hammering his opponents left and right. And while Pacquiao’s style is well-suited to outpoint Rios, it is worth noting that Freddie Roach’s fighters have a tendency to leave themselves open to punishing shots while chasing offense. If Pacquiao does that, and he may not given how his last match ended, Rios could easily make him pay with a KO.

During a recent interview with ESNews, Roger Mayweather essentially said just that. Check it out:

Pacquiao should beat Rios this November. But he also should’ve beaten both Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez. Legitimate or not, fluke KO or something else – he lost both. Anybody discounting Rios’ ability to take this one is selling the guy way, way short.


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