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Manny Pacquiao Will Beat Juan Manuel Marquez, Says Boxing Legend

Manny Pacquiao is at something of a crossroads right now. He can either fight Juan Manuel Marquez again, win that match, and continue on as boxing’s new most popular underdog. Or he can fight his rival, lose, and officially watch as the critics bury him for good.

In the immediate aftermath of his stunning loss to Marquez, some wondered if maybe it was time for Pacquiao to hang up his gloves. He ultimately decided against that, though, saying he wanted to reclaim his place atop boxing’s pound-for-pound charts before calling it quits.

There is a reasonable case to be made that the former eight division champ will actually be able to accomplish that goal. After all, prior to getting dropped by Marquez, he was fighting the better fight. He was out-landing his foe, he was doing his damage more efficiently, and he was winning the showdown on every judge’s scorecard. Before he was knocked out, Pacquiao looked about as good as anyone had seen him in years.

The fact that he looked so good heading into that sixth round is probably why so many legends are betting that he’ll be able to return to the top of boxing’s charts. The latest former boxer to throw his support behind Pacquiao: George Foreman.  

“All the odds are in his favor to become champion again,” he said during a recent interview.

Speaking with Jenna Jay of Doghouse Boxing (by way of Boxing Scene), Foreman said this: “The one thing about it is, if you get defeated especially by a knockout, it’s a physical thing that happened to you, not a whole lot of psychological disadvantages. But physically, you’ve got to heal inside. Pacquiao is well trained, he’s always in good condition, so the healing process is sped up because of that.”

When pressed on what Pacquiao’s ultimate goal should be right now, Foreman explained that it should simply be regaining his former glory.

“I think that he has a goal now to get that title, walk around the ring with that belt and travel back to his country and make everybody so happy and proud of him. Then, there is nothing else to achieve.”

Will Pacquiao be able to crawl his way back to the top of the pound-for-pound charts he dominated for nearly half a decade? We’ll find out this September.

Source: Boxing Scene


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