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Manny Pacquiao Wasn’t Impressive Against Brandon Rios, Says Floyd Mayweather

How impressive was Manny Pacquiao’s dominant victory over Brandon Rios last Saturday? You know, the one that came in the wake of him having to deal with some very serious financial issues, a massive natural disaster hitting his homeland, and the pressure of knowing that one more defeat would likely mean retirement?

According to Floyd Mayweather Sr., not very.

Pacquiao, 34, beat Rios by way of unanimous decision this past weekend. Aside from a few seconds in the third round, the fight was never close. He was far more skilled than his undeniably tough opponent, and everyone saw that indisputable fact over the course of a bout that easily would have been stopped in the seventh if it had been any other fighter on the receiving end of that beat down.  

But not everyone was blown away. Reflecting on the match recently, Mayweather Sr. had this to say (as noted by Boxing Scene):

"Brandon Rios can't fight and that's my honest opinion, based on what I just saw from him,” he said. “I don't see no skills, I don't see no knowledge of boxing. I think Manny looked very, very good against him. Manny moved how he wanted to. He touched him when he wanted to.

“Manny was doing everything, moving side to side, giving him angles and cracking him. The dude to me didn't win a round. It was a total shutout. ... The way [Rios] was running his mouth, I thought he was a bad motherfucker. I wanted to see what the fuck he could do. I thought this motherfucker would really put something down man. This mother**ker started off running with his hands tucked above his head. Come on man, that was a comedy act."

So there you have it. Essentially, Mayweather Sr. is insisting that, despite the fact that Pacquiao looked very good against Rios, it wasn’t impressive because Rios isn’t on Pacquiao’s level. Those of us who believe that Rios is a good fighter can take offense to that; those of you who promised that Rios would get knocked out by Pacquiao can’t.

Mayweather Sr. also said that if Pacquiao wanted a shot at his son, he’d have to beat Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez or Robert Guerrero. That sounds mildly interesting, but it means a whole lot of nothing. Mayweather Jr. speaks for himself, and even when he speaks for himself, it’s not the final word.


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